Are you dead? Edytuj

The Dead refers to any player which has been killed during the course of the game.

A player can end up being through any of these means:

  • They can be executed during the Trial phase if they are voted for Treason by the majority of players and then determined to be guilty.
  • They can be killed during the night by the following abilities:
    • The Alchemist's Emerald Potion (Neutral)
    • The Assassin's Assassinate or Nightshade (Unseen)
    • The Butler's Nightshade Wine (Blue Dragon) - Only if you are The King
    • The Cult Leader's Blood of Mithras (Cult) - Only if you are a Cult Member
    • The Cult Leader's Eradicate (Cult)
    • The Hunter's Retribution Passive (Blue Dragon) - Only if they are executed and you are the first accuser
    • The Hunter's Spike Trap (Blue Dragon)
    • The Hunter's Wolf Companion (Blue Dragon)
    • The Knight's Cold Steel (Blue Dragon)
    • The Knight's Sacrifice (Blue Dragon) - Only if you attacked their target
    • The Mercenary's Rebound (Neutral) - Only if you accused their target of Treason
    • The Paladin's Smite (Blue Dragon) - Only if you are The Cult Leader who tried to convert their target
    • The Possessor's Possess (Neutral)
    • The Possessor's Puppet Strings (Neutral)
    • The Prince's Execute (Blue Dragon)
    • The Reaper's Reap (Neutral)
    • The Sellsword's Revenge (Unseen) - Only if you accused an Unseen member of Treason
    • Suicide - Not technically a class, but some classes commit suicide if a certain condition is met, additionally, leaving the game will make you commit suicide, so don't do it.
    • The classes that commit suicide are the Knight (If they Cold Steel a Blue Dragon member), the Mercenary (If they fail to find a second target or if their second target dies) and the Butler (If they poison a Blue Dragon or Neutral King)

Death is not the end Edytuj

If you're dead, that doesn't mean you can't make a difference:

  • The Priest can hear you at night, and can even bring you back to life if you're a Blue Dragon member.
  • If you're a Cult Member, The Apostle allows you to speak with the living Cult members while you're dead.
  • However, not all is good, The Reaper and The Soulcatcher may use your immortal soul for nefarious purposes.

The Graveyard Edytuj

Plik:Throne of Lies - Graveyard (Night) - Immersive Screenshot Teaser

While dead, players will appear in the graveyard at night and can somehow chat freely, this chat will appear in a ghostly texture. Some reports have included sightings of The Reaper, who is rumored to reside below a passage deep beneath one of the graveyard monoliths. No soul has ever returned from finding out for themselves -- at least, never returned with their soul intact.

After Death Edytuj

Dead players can bet on the deaths of living players

  • During the day they can bet on who will die that night.
  • During the night they can bet on who will be executed the next day.
  • Players will bet a flat amount of 5 gold. The amount they win will be based on how many players are alive.
  • If a player dies from bleeding, poison, disconnection, sacrifice, or if a class besides the Knight commits suicide, you will not lose or win any gold.

Other Lore Edytuj

Whispers can be heard, but none have been reported.

Mini-Game Edytuj

While dead, in the future you will have access to a mini-game, betting on the next player to die to earn GP.

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